Lovelight is a conscious model agency, representing empowered models, mindful art, and conscious living throughout the world. We strive to inspire by integrating the ethics and energies we LOVE into our work, our projects, and our lives.

All of our models maintain their unique high vibrations with plant-based diets, both vegetarian and vegan, and practice a variety of conscious activities such as meditation, yoga, as well as a wide-range of passionate activism.

Although all of these practices are an important part of our agency, our true desire is to transform the way we think about ourselves, celebrate our heroes, and value each other every day. It is our mission to share these ideas and energies with the entire planet, in all of the most beautiful ways we can.

* Why we've added #blacklivesmatter logos to our site: The United States has let down its people. We as a country have let down our African-American citizens, brothers, sisters, and families. The systematic racism (not only in our police force but in our entire society,) running wild and unchecked is costing countless black lives. (as it has throughout our country's entire history.) We started this agency as a way of bringing greater consciousness into the fashion industry. (one of the main issues being an incredible lack of representation of people of color.) Adding these logos to our site is a small gesture, but it is so easy, it is imperative. As we personally transform, prioritize, and learn what we can do as individuals, we are certainly beyond capable of showing our solidarity as a small business, and using what social reach we do have to remind, inform, and inspire others to make this a priority. We are not a great resource of information and education on this subject... BUT, if you are seeking to help and learn, and we are your first step, please reach out and we will find actionable steps together.